Put the spring back in your step with our spring-cleaning tips
A useful blog Designed to help you get in the spring cleaning mood.

Love the feeling of having a spring in your step? Sprucing your home up? Crowning yourself the Queen of clean? So do we, and we’ve made it even more simple for you. Here are our top tips for spring-cleaning your way to your perfect home on a budget.

Find a partner in grime

Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist). If grease is the word, why not find your ‘partner in grime’? Sharing responsibility for the space you live in rather than paying for a cleaner is definitely something to introduce this spring. Whether it’s your partner, flatmate or kids make a rota, clean together, and clean with pride.

DIY cleaning products

Did you know you can use Coca-Cola to clean a toilet? We’re not lying, and there are loads of other DIY fixes you can do just by having a quick rummage through your kitchen cupboards. You can:

  • Clean surfaces with water and vinegar

  • Use a lemon to clean stainless steel

  • Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the oven

You can even upgrade from condiment cleaning by making your own dishwasher liquid, laundry determinant, and glass cleaner: better for the environment, and your budget.

Use rags and to get riches

Never under-estimate the resilience of a towel or sheet. They go through a lot, and they’re even useful when you no longer need them to sleep and dry in. Sheets are ideal for cleaning TVs and skirting boards while you can cut up old towels to make wash cloths. With this new found respect for your rags, ditch the paper towels and one-use dusters and stick to the reusable stuff.

Get down and dirty

As the days get longer and nights get shorter it only means one thing. The dirt can’t hide. Spring is the perfect time to spruce up those kitchen items you’ve given a grilling over the winter. Start with the fridge, move onto the microwave, and then the almighty oven. Once you’ve breathed new life into your appliances, give them a name and set up a regular cleaning rota (a recommendation by Mrs Hinch). Clean Ferrero the fridge on the first Sunday of each month. Mufasa the microwave on the second. And Oliver the oven on the third.

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