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It’s never too late to learn new tricks! Start the year off right: organisational and budgeting tips for 2019
It’s never too late to learn new tricks! Start the year off right: organisational and budgeting tips for 2019

New Year resolutions come and go. But a new start provides the perfect opportunity to get your finances in shape. So, why not kick-start the year with a savings revamp? Read our simple step by step guide for owning 2019. After all, New Year, new budget…right?


Reflect on 2018

The beginning of the year is a time for reflection. What did you value most last year? Was it spending time with friends and family or online shopping? Taking time to consider what is important is not only good for self-reflection, but will help you formulate a new budget and work out what you want to spend your money on.


Start calculating your outgoings

Are you one for New Year’s resolutions? This year, buy yourself a notebook and start recording your expenses. Divide the sections into everyday expenses and monthly outgoings. The former includes things like coffees, lunches, taxies, cinema trips and outings to the pub. Monitor them over a week or month and you’ll get a real feel of what you could cut down on. Record your monthly outgoing for gas, electricity, TV, phone/broadband and shop around to see you if you can switch suppliers and secure a good deal.


Create a bulletproof budget

Whether you prefer a spreadsheet or a family planner, 2019 is the year of the budget. Using the insights of the previous two steps, create a budget that is realistic and honest. Start with the necessities like food, utilities and transport, and work from there. You always deserve a treat once in a while, but be sensible.


Clear out clutter and sell it online

Decluttering: good for the soul and the purse! January is the perfect time to declutter, as you and your family clear space for all of the new toys. There are loads of great sites which can help you sell your new and second-hand items, and you can often get great prices. Check out Depop for clothes, Gumtree for furniture, and Ebay for everything else under the sun!


Think about how you travel

Travelling to school or work can often be stressful. So, why not try something different in 2019? Replacing a bus or drive with a cycle or walk is a breeze, and it will help you to cut down your travel costs. It’s not only cheaper, but better for the environment and your physical and mental health.

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