Top cyber security tips that you should know which could save you money in the long term
Cyber security is one of those things we’ve all heard of but don’t necessarily know a lot about. But the risks are real and swotting up on some digital facts could prevent you from potentially losing your hard-earned cash and spending a fortune trying to fix your computer issues! As an online savings bank, your online security is one of our top priorities. Read our top tips to make sure you’re cyber protected.

1) It may seem obvious but knowing the location of your laptop, mobile, iPad or whatever portable devices you usually have on you should be a priority. Aside from saving you money and a potentially long conversation with your insurance company, it will prevent any hackers getting hold of them. Don’t worry we all have those days when we lose everything, just make sure it’s not your laptop!

2) Remembering passwords is a nightmare and we’ve all been guilty of just taking the easy way out and setting the same one for all accounts. Whilst it might make it easier for you, it’s also easier for the hackers. Choose passwords which are unique, and use different letters, numbers and symbols. If you’re worried about not remembering them all, keep them safe in a notebook or download a password app which keeps them all secure. 

3) Scammers use a variety of techniques which you should learn and be aware of. It can be as simple as finding out your bank will never contact you by text or if your internet connection suddenly slows down. Watch out for unexpected phone calls, and definitely always double check before discussing your financial details with anyone. Refusing to give their name over the phone might be a giveaway! Action Fraud has a useful guide.

4) It’s very addictive to check your bank balance whilst at the airport before your winter hols (or in despair after) using the airport Wi-Fi. However, typing in your online banking passwords or any confidential details on public Wi-Fi can cause problems. Try and wait until you’re back in your home comforts and preferably with a cup of tea.

5) Now we get a little ensure your data is secure, two-factor authentication is recommended for email accounts and online banking. This prevents criminals accessing your email and confidential information even if they know your password. Head over to National Cyber Security Centre to find out more.

6) Most of us have an internet shopping weakness, it’s just so much easier than trailing around the shops. Keep an eye out for strange looking web addresses before splashing the cash on those new shoes and always look for the padlock in the URL box at the top of your screen. Check out McAfee’s tips for more information.

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