Make the most of your Grandparents; put the magic back into Christmas for everyone
We, and millions of others, often forget how much support grandparents give to us all year round. Many of us take for granted all the occasions our grandparents picked us (or our children) up from school, helped out at weekends and supported in numerous other ways such as with emotional and financial support. As the festive season approaches, we should all step back from our busy and frequently stressful lives and really think how we can give back to them.

Our research has shown that grandparents across the country are providing much needed support and help for their families all year round. It’s very easy to forget all the help they do give us! The data shows that grandparents are a key source of moral (27%), emotional (19%) and financial support (11%) throughout the year, and a quarter (23%) of parents describe grandparents as “a lifeline” because of the support they provide.1

We also found out that Brits will spend an average of £47 on Christmas presents for their grandparents, with grandparents spending an average of £59 on Christmas presents for their grandchildren. Maybe it’s time to have a think how you can make them feel really appreciated this Christmas!

What do we think?

Giving something back doesn’t have to mean giving expensive gifts. It can be as simple as including your grandparents more into your life. We have listed some ideas, but you know your grandparents best!


  1. Buying expensive presents isn't always the best way! We’re all in a rush in December but try to avoid the generic grandparent presents in the Christmas section and surprise your grandparents by giving something more personal. Why not create a photo album of a fondly remembered holiday?
  2. Going away for Christmas is not for everyone and isn’t always possible but it’s a lovely treat for your grandparents. Travelling abroad can be expensive but a short break in the UK can keep the cost down, especially when you share the cost with a large group. Head over to Visit England for inspiration on winter breaks.
  3. Nearly a third of our sample (31%) wish they got to spend more time with their grandchildren. Why not take your grandparents somewhere special this Christmas? From going on a day out to one of the UK’s Christmas markets to watching a vintage festive film, there’s plenty of Christmassy activities on offer. Red Online has a list of ideas which might be a good starting point!
  4. Put your hands up if indulging in a traditional Christmas dinner is what you look forward to most at Christmas? There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to share memories over a Sunday roast. Surprise them and try eating out at a pub or restaurant this Christmas. Who doesn’t like being taken out for dinner?! You’ll save on the washing up as well.


[1]Research carried out by Opinium research between 18th – 22nd October amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,006 UK adults (+18).

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