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RCI Bank UK is part of RCI Bank and Services, Renault’s global banking group. Globally, our group is based out of France, is present in over 36 countries and lends to millions of customers across the world every year.

The European Central Bank acknowledges the financial strength of RCI Banque. In a highly stressed scenario defined by the ECB, RCI Banque’s capital appears well above the requirement. 

In the UK
Companies and locations

RCI Bank UK, Rickmansworth

RCI Financial Services, Rickmansworth

Employees 300+
Number of loans 250,000+
Number of Savings customers 100,000+

Our Group: RCI Bank & Services

Global head office location Paris, France
Number of countries with presence 36
Employees 3,800
Number of new loans  1,520,000
Lending portfolio (new financing) €17.8bn
After-tax-income €787m
Savings under management €20.5bn
Basel III Core Tier 1 solvency ratio 17.34%

All figures correct at year end 2020.

RCI Bank & Services 

2020 Annual  Report DOWNLOAD PDF >
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RCI Bank UK 

Section 172(1) Statement Document 
RCI Bank UK Ltd – 2020  DOWNLOAD PDF > 
RCI Financial Services - 2020     DOWNLOAD PDF > 
RCI Bank UK Ltd - 2019 DOWNLOAD PDF >   
RCI Financial Services - 2019 DOWNLOAD PDF >
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