Fraud and online security

At RCI Bank we’re committed to making your savings as safe as possible. We use the latest online security measures to protect your money, your personal details and your privacy

We take your security seriously.
We take your security seriously.

Over the last few years online fraud and scams have increased, with scammers using sophisticated technology and the internet to make their approach more convincing to trick individuals to provide personal and financial information.

As our customer, we want you to feel safe and to help you protect your hard-earned savings by sharing how we protect you and helpful tips and resources on how you can remain vigilant.

Our security measures 

Secure sign in  To access online banking or set up access through our mobile banking app, you will always have to enter your User ID, password and characters from your memorable information to access your accounts.
Automatic sign out  We will automatically sign you out after several minutes of inactivity in case you forget to sign out or you leave your device unattended.
Fraud detection systems We monitor your accounts for unusual and suspicious behaviour.
Account locking  We’ll lock your account after a number of incorrect sign in attempts in case fraudsters are trying to guess your details.
Telephone masking  When you call us we’ll verify you by asking security questions to help protect your account from fraud.

All RCI Bank UK websites are secure - you can check this by looking at the address in the top of your browser. Our web address should begin with https:// rather than the usual http:// and you can also tell this by the padlock symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your web browser.

On top of this, any information you submit online is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Your browser scrambles the information, which is later unscrambled when it gets to us, and it can’t be read along the way. The latest browsers have this built in and it is automatically enabled unless you turn it off. To prevent problems viewing secure sites like ours, it’s always a good idea update to the latest version of your browser.

As always, if you have any concerns about your security, please get in touch with us.


Fraud happen fast - tips to protect yourself

Although some scams can occur without your involvement, did you know that most scams require some action from you to succeed?

Here are a few things to remember and actions you can take if a scam is in progress:

Your savings matter to you and keeping it safe matters to us. If you follow these steps above they will go a long way in helping you to not fall victim to fraud.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please email or call us on 0345 6056 050.